By: Gamel Sankarl


Life’s struggles begun at your birth
And it will continue until your death

From the day your mum’s water broke
And you made an entry with a stroke

You were made to be on your own
You were given your life long gown

When you were finally born
Your link to your mum was torn

Though you were weak and frail
You were ushered to your own trail

To face life fully starting with nothing
But expected to become something

You were divinely gifted with ability
Your life is entirely your responsibility

Now wake up to life and face reality
Now renew your entitlement mentality

No one in this life owes you anything
None but you owe yourself everything

You need to be honestly told
You need to rise up and be bold

You will try many times and woefully fail
You will cry many times and painfully wail

But welcome to life; you’re on your own
Because you’re to face life on your own.




The author of this article, Gamel Sankarl is a conference speaker and author with 8 published books. He was a BEFFTA Best Author award nominee who used his life experience to write on personal development growth of young people. 


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