Making choices or taking decisions especially very critical ones has never been easy especially as the implications of such decisions are usually not really known.

Knowing which decision is the best decision does not guarantee the best results because life can be complicated sometimes but whats key is, having the right information.

You can be more accurate and with your choices or decisions by possessing any combination of the following skills or art.

  • Being willing to learn
  • Putting aside your ego
  • Gaining inspiration
  • Keeping an open mind
  • Finding a role model or role models
  • Respecting parents and learning from them
  • Respecting senior in the industry and learning from their experience
  • Finding heroes
  • Trying new things
  • Being observant
  • Being ready to admit your faults
  • Knowing your personal biases
  • Not being afraid of failure
  • Learning the hard way, sometimes
  • Not being afraid of the average
  • Drop the idea of perfection
  • Drop the idea of absolute best


It is impossible to be perfect but it is possible to reach greater and higher heights of happiness and potential in life. Indeed, that is life’s main goal.

Unfortunately, we get frustrated in our hard attempts to be perfect when our decisions do not yield the best results.


You are able to improve or get better with making the right choices when you are well informed and seek knowledge especially from experienced persons through their direct counsel, books or audio books.


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