At a time when getting salaried employment is quite difficult and most workers are being laid off over average performance and inability to meet targets, it has become imperative for prospective graduates and job-seekers to develop their talents in a way that places them in a better position to secure a comfortable job.

Just like any tech product, it is important that (raw) talents are refined or developed to make them valuable in the job market, whether for starting one’s own business or for investing into an already existing company to ensure its growth.

According to Ghanaian talent coach, Maxwell Mensah, most people are unable to make use of their talents because they fail to develop them and hence the talents become stale and irrelevant in a modern context.

Maxwell Mensah who is also the CEO of AceLife Consult say, developing one’s talent is what most people fear the most because it requires a lot of time.

“Many people don’t want to spend time to develop their talent because, to do this you need to deny yourself some luxuries,” he said.

At the 3rd annual Accra Youth Summit, Maxwell Mensah proposed 2 basic steps required for development.

1. Deny yourself some luxuries in life (Cut out the number of hours you spend watching TV and browsing or chatting on your phone and sleep!)


2. Dedicate yourself to that talent by practicing (Discipline yourself  to do this very often)

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