President Donald Trump didn’t tweet during former FBI Direct James Comey’s testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, and people freaked out.
Most of the time, it’s safe to say people would like Trump to stop tweeting, including his supporters.
But, in this instance, it seems people actually kind of missed his tweets. The whole thing just didn’t feel the same without them.
After all, Trump had tweeted during a previous hearing involving Comey. But that ended poorly for him, so perhaps that’s why he kept his twitter fingers holstered today.
Donald Trump Jr., his son, did tweet (a lot), but it just wasn’t the same.
People really couldn’t handle the fact Trump didn’t tweet, it was one of the biggest topics of discussion during Comey’s testimony.

Hittin’ refresh on my Trump twitter feed like….
— Jonathan Capehart (@CapehartJ) June 8, 2017

I’ve never wanted Trump to tweet so badly in my entire life. Pick your phone up! Do it!! DO IT!!!!
— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) June 8, 2017

Trump trying not to tweet right now.
— Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) June 8, 2017

Sources tell me the reason Trump didn’t tweet during the Comey hearing is because they got him a fidget spinner
— Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) June 8, 2017

Trump didn’t tweet during the #ComeyHearings but Donald Trump Jr. tweeted/re-tweeted FIFTY times
— Kira Lerner (@kira_lerner) June 8, 2017

Update from @UnionPub – even though Trump didn’t tweet they’re giving out a free round of “America” emblazoned Budweiser’s to all patrons
— Matt Laslo (@MattLaslo) June 8, 2017


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Trump Didn’t Tweet During Comey Testimony And People Freaked Out

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