June is the official Pride Month and it’s being celebrated by both humans and puppies across the nation.
While those supportive of the LGBTQ+ community are flying their rainbow flags high, prideful pups are sporting technicolor accessories in honor of the month (with the help of their owners, of course).
In fact, the hashtag #PrideMonthPuppo is currently circulating on Twitter, and it’s allowing dog owners to post pictures of their supportive dogs decked out with pride.

Say hello to Lassie. She’s celebrating #PrideMonth by being a splendid mix of astute and adorable. Proudly supupporting her owner. 13/10 pic.twitter.com/uK6PNyeh9w
— WeRateDogs™ ️‍ (@dog_rates) June 6, 2017

The hashtag began when the beloved Dog_Rates Twitter account tweeted about dogs celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month. Matt Nelson, the man behind the tweets, encouraged people to share photos of their prideful pups.

If your dog is celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month by wearing rainbow or just being extra good, pls use #PrideMonthPuppo so we can find it! ️‍
— WeRateDogs™ ️‍ (@dog_rates) June 4, 2017

Of course, people hopped on the opportunity to share pictures of their puppies sporting their pride, and the photos will seriously make your day.
“Stewie loves our LGBTQ community.”
Look at that smile.

#PrideMonthPuppo Stewie ❤️’s our LGBTQ ️‍ community pic.twitter.com/9JP1Fd7Quv
— Lesli Margherita (@QueenLesli) June 4, 2017

Look at these rainbow ties!

Hudson and Gunnar supporting #PrideMonthPuppo pic.twitter.com/wdVvuZSpSm
— Sam Hall (@SamHallWales) June 4, 2017

Some dogs are decked out in rainbow scarves.

hey @dog_rates Stevie’s got her colours on for #LGBTPrideMonth #PrideMonthPuppo pic.twitter.com/uTGI6nTnCj
— Emma Murphy (@EmmaMurphySF) June 4, 2017

“Prideful AF.”

Prideful AF ️‍ #PrideMonthPuppo pic.twitter.com/vrr8VRQX4a
— Chris O (@WeathaMan1234) June 4, 2017

Even the sleepy puppies are showing their support.

a very sleepy but proud puppy #PrideMonthPuppo pic.twitter.com/wLFFgrfm5L
— anna sophia (@asxphia) June 5, 2017

sleepy but proud #pridemonthpuppo pic.twitter.com/dy4swRc5Fa
— The Drakula (@ellyscoolmom) June 7, 2017

Dexter is rocking his colorful bandana.

Dexter being a 12/10 #PrideMonthPuppo pic.twitter.com/bCPfc0nGew
— medvfefe (@med11n) June 5, 2017

Some owners are even using rainbow hair dye on their pups.
Now that’s commitment.

#PrideMonthPuppo Little Bit rocks this look. pic.twitter.com/JRUzwWxsQM
— Erin Organa Fisher (@RoseofTarth) June 5, 2017

Tripper is celebrating Pride month! #PrideMonthPuppo pic.twitter.com/rYY1ciIXSg
— shanna hendrix lee (@shannahendrix78) June 7, 2017

Rainbow bowties are better than collars.

#PrideMonthPuppo Ripley found true love in Mitch at the age of 12. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/v5k4KI2yZi
— Vej-jee (@veggiemelt) June 4, 2017

My boy showing his pride #PrideMonthPuppo #PrideMonth pic.twitter.com/yeqlnlC4Vv
— Jillian (@midnighttoker67) June 7, 2017

@dog_rates #pridemonthpuppo ️‍ Reese is proud to have 2 moms pic.twitter.com/P2BbVHTdIH
— Ashtyn Neill ️‍ (@TheRealANeill) June 7, 2017

#PrideMonth #PrideMonthPuppo pic.twitter.com/melz9ZvurP
— Gabriela Cavalcante (@gabicavasi) June 6, 2017

“Rainbows are always in style.”

Vera showing her Pride. #pridemonthpuppo pic.twitter.com/OQIvwUGau1
— Merry Grace Bromell (@BromellMerry) June 7, 2017

These dogs definitely aren’t afraid to get political.
Even puppies know that love trumps hate.

@dog_rates Esther isn’t afraid to get political. #loveislove #PrideMonthPuppo pic.twitter.com/jSkR6fS9ds
— mary gross (@maryfgross) June 4, 2017

If you’ve already fallen in love with these supportive puppies, you aren’t the only one.
People on Twitter are showing their admiration for the #PrideMonthPuppo hashtag, claiming it’s the “best hashtag ever.”
I totally agree.

best hashtag ever #PrideMonthPuppo
— nova lee (@unicornsnova) June 7, 2017

Others are using the hashtag as a positive distraction from the real world.

Me scrolling through the #PrideMonthPuppo tag pretending the world is not going to hell in a downward spiral pic.twitter.com/rSCQPoGz2f
— Tanner Elkins (@elkins_tanner) June 7, 2017

It’s making them feel “warm” inside.

Felt sad. Then I spent the past hour searching #pridemonthpuppo . Hour well spent. Feel warm now.
— Stacey (@613fan) June 7, 2017


If you’re having a bad day need to escape from reality for a bit, go ahead and dive into the #PrideMonthPuppo hashtag and let proud puppies around the world fill your heart with joy.
If you have a few dogs and wish to participate, deck them out in pride gear and share your pic to spread the love.
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These Adorable Dogs Celebrating Pride Month Will Make Your Day — PHOTOS

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