The 10 Enablers of Your Dream

Renowned Ghanaian motivational speaker, Albert Ocran says the dreams and aspirations of people cannot be realized without personal efforts through deliberate actions by the individual.

According to him, these are actions and attitudes of the individual are key to briging the ideas, dreams and aspirations into fruition.

He highlights ten (10) of them in what he terms as the “10 Enablers of Your Dream”.

See them below:


1. Strategic Orientation
2. Navigational skills – knowing the various turns needed on your journey to the top.
3. Systems and processes – put in the needed systems that will realize your dream
4. People – Know the right people and how to walk with them.
5. Resource mobilization & resourcefulness
6. Discipline & Focus
7. Enthusiasm & Appetite.
8. Conviction & Decisiveness – what do you believe.
9. Opportunity consciousness – be able to spot new opportunities
10. Reinvention skills.



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