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30 Tiny Things That Make Life Worthwhile


Personal branding expert, Bernard Kelvin Clive has released yet another interesting self-help and personal development book that seeks to expose ...

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8 Ways to Protect Yourself Online


Identity theft:  When one’s personal information is stolen and used by an imposter to gain an advantage. Don’t share your ...

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7 Ways to Cut through WhatsApp Noise to be Noticed


How do you stay productive in a world of busy buzzing devices vying for your attention every second; it’s time ...

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10 Ways You May Be Losing Your Brand Integrity


I define Brand integrity as the ability to present one’s brand both in words and deeds to be true, respectable ...

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Small Businesses Need Knowledge, Not Funds


Ghanaian Amazon bestselling author, Bernard Kelvin Clive says students with plans of establishing their own startup businesses should look to ...

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Ghana’s Bernard Kelvin Clive To Address Portland State University


Ghanaian personal branding coach, Bernard Kelvin Clive is scheduled to be hosted by the Oregon-based Portland State University Alumni Association ...

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“7 Things Every Gentleman Must Carry Daily”


Very often we come across many people who seem to have everything they need or we may need on them ...

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Personal Branding Coach, Bernard Clive Launches His 25th Book Today


Ghanaian author and personal branding expert, Bernard Kelvin-Clive will launch his 25th book today, February, 20, 2016. The books;  “Idea Bank: ...

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