There are over 300 tech and incubation hubs located in 93 cities across 42 counties in Africa. South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and Morocco have about half of this total number.

Ttech hubs on the continent shot up from 117 as recorded by the World Bank last year to the current 300 indicating a huge boom within the last twelve months.

According to the global telecom industry body GSMA’s Ecosystem Accelerator program, this development has been as a result of increased investment and many innovations developed within the continent particularly away from some of the popular cities.Tech Hubs in Africa

The research conducted by the program further revealed that the growth of the technology industry has been facilitated by the many initiatives to bring telcos, entrepreneurs, incubation hubs and other stakeholders together. This has also greatly impacted developments in the co-working space business as more opportunities are being created to create support startups and develop the skill set of entrepreneurs themselves.

On level of engagement with telcos, the research revealed MTN, Vodafone and Orange had wider engagement through partnerships with tech hubs and entrepreneurs across the continent.

International corporations have also been found engaging tech hubs in Africa. Google and Microsoft are but a few of the many who have recognized the fast-paced development in this regard and are positioning themselves to part of this new drive.

The assessment of this development is not complete without a comparison to developments in mobile telephony. In Africa in the last four years, the use of smartphones have seen an incredible surge as cost of bandwidth have marginally declined. This is making digital transformation easier on the continent.


That notwithstanding, the benefits has not yet been greatly felt for reasons that include high illiteracy rate, mismatch between employee’s skills and requirements of the new job market and government regulation.

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