Secrets of Life: Take Time To Do These 6 Things

They are there are so many secrets of life and I agree. So many of them related to your career, marriage, personal development and growth, education, health, religion and more.

We try at every moment to find a balance and do the best we can to be the best we can be.

Here are 6 things you should take time to do and how they can contribute to make you a better person.

  • Take time to think, It is the source of Power
  • Take to to Play, It is the secret of Perpetual Youth
  • Take time to be Friendly, it is the road to Happiness
  • Take time to Work, it is the Price of Success
  • Take time to Pray, It is the Greater Power on Earth
  • Take time to Love and be loved; It is the Way of God.

Practicing these? Success is yours!



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