Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Practice and Principles is a book that describes entrepreneurship as a practice and discipline.

It explains how you can be a successful entrepreneur by undertaking certain activities and disciplining yourself in a certain regard.

Simply put, it believes that the entrepreneurship journey is more about what you do and not the psychology and the character traits of entrepreneurs.

The focus is on the actions and behavior of entrepreneurs.

With a lot of practical examples, highlights the belief in the importance of innovating and the art of being an entrepreneurship.

“…whereas much of today’s discussion treats entrepreneurship as something slightly mysterious, whether gift, talent, inspiration, or “flash of genius,” this book represents innovation and entrepreneurship as purposeful tasks that can be organized—are in need of being organized—and as systematic work. It treats innovation and entrepreneurship, in fact, as part of the executive’s job. This is a practical book, but it is not a “how-to” book”.


Read/Download the book here.

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