This article is born out of the many questions we receive from worried students, post-secondary and graduates as to whether taking an online degree program is ideal.

Based on the demographics of the people we receive the questions from, we will limit our response to undergraduate degree programs and their relevance for Africans.

Africa due to its very youthful population has a growing chunk of its people seeking education at various levels, while there appear to be many schools scattered across the country, worth of attending for degrees, most Africans have a great appetite for pursuing their degrees at institutions outside the continent.

This is for obvious reasons; in most of Africa’s Universities, even the major ones you may have heard about, there are still a number of challenges including limited and poor infrastructure.

Are online degrees widely accepted?

While many have tried to go around this challenge by acquiring degrees from Universities outside Africa, it is posing a major challenge as some employers do not recognize them!

The fact is, most managers are still coming to terms with the fact that degrees; genuine degrees can be acquired online.

A recent report republished by NY Daily News said, “Only a few years ago, in 2009, a literature review by Cleveland State University found that human resource managers, executives, and other gatekeepers had negative perceptions of online degrees. Some recruiters blame the stigma on the last decade’s “diploma mills” — online, unaccredited programs known for offering a degree to anyone with a full wallet.”

Online education and for that matter, online degrees is the now and the future but some are still coming to terms with it especially in Africa.

It is gradually gaining respect, however.

It is therefore quite a risk, going for an online undergraduate program being an Africa.
Undergraduate because this is usually the starting point of the careers of most people. They get employed after obtaining their University degrees, other things being equal.

The skepticism of managers or employers about online undergraduate degrees make it a risky choice to go for; riskier than pursing a post-graduate online degree.


By: LeadersGH

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