A corporate trainer with RelevantLife International, Mr. Anthony Larbi says more youth running for parliamentary seats in the upcoming general elections is a positive sign of the willingness of young people to make a positive impact in the country.

According to him, the move “is a good sign that the youth are ready to right the wrongs of the previous generation”.

Speaking on the sidelines of a quarterly Leadership and Influence seminar dubbed the Leadershape Series in Accra over the weekend, Mr. Larbi said although not much has been seen of the current youth in the country, there has been a significant improvement in their outputs and interest in national and personal development issues.

Speaking on whether or not the numerous personal development seminars in the country is yielding appreciable results, the IT consultant told LeadersGH there has been great results yet much still needs to be done to achieve more.

“Rome was not built in a day, the more we educate, inspire and help people to understand what leadership is about, the more people become what they have to become.”

Mr. Larbi further stated that the African continent has a large number of people who lack the understanding of leadership, and there is the need to organize more leadership talks to educate the youth.

The Leadership Series is a quarterly capacity building event organized by RelevantLife International to develop emerging leaders.


The July edition featured life coach and Executive President of Osei Kusi Foundation, Dr. Kofi Osei Kusi.

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