US-based Inc Magazine has named its 30 under 30 honorees for the year 2016.

The monthly magazine named the fast rising young CEOs under the age of 30 in May with focus on their ability to tackle tackle problems that have vexed society for generations, such as nefarious stock trading, hospital-borne illnesses, reliance on nonrenewable energy sources, and more.

The magazines described them as persons “taking on the planet’s biggest challenges, one elegantly creative solution at a time.”

They are also labelled as the most dynamic CEOs in America.

See the full list below:


Neutun Labs

1 Brian Rudolph Banza
2 Carly Strife Bark & Co
3 Danny Cabrera, Ricardo Solorzano BioBots
4 Noah Kraft Doppler Labs
5 Jonathan Chen, Timothy Hwang, Gerald Yao Fiscal Note
6 Elliot Kroo, Jessica Scorpio GetAround
7 Gabe Blanchet, Jamie Byron Grove
8 Armon Dadgar, Mitchell Hashimoto HashiCorp Inc.
9 Josh Bruno, Akash Shah, HomeTeam
10 Alan Schaaf Imgur
11 Joey Chawaiki, Alex Dahan, Eric Dahan, Felix LaHaye Instabrand
12 Porter Braswell, Ryan Williams Jopwell
13 Anna Stork LuminAid
14 Hillary Lewis Lumi Organics
15 Tatiana Birgisson Mati Energy
16 Ben Lee Neon Roots
17 David Widerhorn Neurensic
18 Eric Dolan, Alex Dolan,
19 Ben Lux, Max Winograd, Mike Woods Nulabel
20 Maci Peterson, Stewart Voit On Second Thought
21 TJ Parker PillPack
22 Ryan Hoover ProductHunt
23 David Zhang, Clément Perrot Prynt
24 Armon Sharei SQZ Biotech
25 Colin Beighley, Timothy Harris, Fergus Noble Swift Navigation
26 Bryce Maddock, 29; Jaspar Weir, 29 TaskUs
27 James Beshara Tilt
28 Aeron Sullivan Tradiv
29 Jessica Matthews Unchartered Play
30 Colleen Costello Vital Vio


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