Life is a teacher. Life teaches and will continue to teach us as long as we live. There is so much to learn from life when we stay alert and open our minds to the turning events of life. The more you live, the more you learn from life. Life unfolds before our very eyes on a daily basis. And based on this development, it brings to bear the fact that life happens in stages. Yes, we live life in seasons and that is characterized by the following stages:

Learning Stage: from the first day of our entry into this world or arrival on planet earth, our struggle to learn and adjust to our new environment begins. And this continues till the last day we exit from earth. In-between our entry and exit, we learn all that life has to offer both formally and informally. We learn the good, the bad and the ugly. And all these equips us with experiences for the next stage.

Earning Stage: following learning is earning. What you learn to a larger extent translates into what you will earn. The relevance of what you learn will balance your life and make you earn. You earn not only monetarily but experientially as well. At this stage, you develop your skills and use them as assets that open up earning channels for you.

Yearning Stage: the final stage is the yearning stage. Here you are in the retirement era of your life. You are probably gradually nearing your grave and you wish that you were young once again. You miss and yearn for your youthful days; the good old days and would do anything to get it back. You yearn for better health, strength, peace of mind and better life after life. But most of these will depend on how you lived your life during the learning and earning stage.

When you understand that life is lived in seasons and that each stage has what is required of you then you will enjoy the journey through life with consciousness. There is no need to rush through life.

When your learning curve is taking long, don’t despair. When your earning curve becomes bizarre, don’t give up. When your yearning stage becomes painful, don’t lose hope. Just trust God, He makes all things beautiful in His own time. Your time will surely come and you will live life fulfilled. Gracefully age and live each life stage well; all pleasing to God!




The author of this article, Gamel Sankarl is a conference speaker and author with 8 published books. He was a BEFFTA Best Author award nominee who used his life experience to write on personal development growth of young people. 

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