The Chief Executive Officer of Kharis Group, Dr. Randy Osae-Bediako is leading an initiative to bring together Christian entrepreneurs and business executives to form a network of ‘spiritual entrepreneurs‘ ready to use their businesses as tools to advance the Kingdom of Ghana.

The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Network is an offshoot of the annual Spiritpreneurship Summit organized by Kharis Group with the aim of inspiring Christian business executives with a strong desire to tap into the wealth of Kingdom knowledge and principles underlining business success. It is also to create a community that will enable sharing of ideas and learning among Christians to enable them make more impact in the market place.

After reading the research finding of Gardner’s theory on multiple intelligence one thing kept me thinking and that is, his inability to discover the most important of all intelligence, the ultimate intelligence, What I call “SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE” but as I meditated on this I realized immediately that this intelligence can not be acquired from secular books or human academic institutions. It is not naturally given and so cannot be naturally discerned. This intelligence is not from this earth but from above and thus too high for the natural man to discover, comprehend or even appreciate, a circular from Dr. Osae-Bediako stated.

The Spiritual Enterpreneurs Network is opened to top level management professionals, Start-up Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Corporate Professionals and persons in industries such as Banking, Real Estate, Media and Entertainment, Aviation and Transport, Retail, Marketing, Energy and Tourism, Utilities, Healthcare, IT and Technology, Oil and Gas.

Christians within government and civil society are also legible to join the network.


According to Dr. Osae-Bediako, “in these last days, God is raising a new breed of spiritual entrepreneurs and causing them to create substantial wealth through business. This new breed of business people see wealth, not as an end to be sought after, but as a tool to do the work of God and promote the agenda of Jesus Christ.”

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