Hundreds of young people defied a heavy downpour last Sunday, March 5 to attend the 2016 Possibilities Conference held at the African Regent Hotel in Accra.

Organized by LEC Foundation, the theme for the event, “Ready for Change” focused on business success, mindset transformation and excellence in character.

Speakers at the event, Godwin Martey, CEO of Websoft Solutions and Rev. Fitzgerald Odonkor, MD of Capital Bank emphasized on cultivating a spirit of excellence and faith for success in the personal and professional work setting.

Mr. Godwin Martey in his address challenged young people to dare to be different and take their “destinies into their own hands” and take intentional steps change their fortunes.

According to him, many young people were indifferent about the systems they find themselves and were unwilling to change the status quo but expect to succeed.

“Don’t join the poor to complain, separate yourself and work hard and succeed, then come back and help them,” Mr. Martey said.

Mr. Godwin Martey added, “you need faith to succeed”, emphasizing that the existing systems had direct impact on one’s thinking and mindset and therefore to succeed one needs to appreciate a different positive way of thinking to embrace success.

He argued that financial prosperity largely depended on the individual’s willingness and readiness to succeed.

In concluding his address, Mr. Martey made vowed to “buy a bank” soon.

Managing Director of Capital Bank, Rev. Fitzgerald Odonkor called on young people to eschew slothfulness and work at delivering excellence service wherever they find themselves.

He said many people were fond of doing very well and serving diligently in Church but were lackadaisical in their secular professions.

“Your light will shine not just in the Church room but outside the Church as well…It is important to be excellent in your ministry and your vocation,” he said.

He added that “”Your secular work is part of your ministry and so you must have a certain kind of posture towards it”

He challenged the youth of the country not to give up on their dreams or ideas when they are confronted with challenges because “you will never find an ideal set of circumstances to operate. The challenges make life interesting.”

On things young people must do to succeed in business, Reverend Odonkor said they must think carefully before making key decisions in life. He stressed that they need to be persuaded by their personal convictions and not make choices based on the decisions of their friends.

He further called for discipline in character among today’s youth.

CEO of Kharis Group, Mr. Randy Osae-Bediako commended organizers of the event and called for more support to grow it into a regular youth rally hosting several other youths across the country.


Sponsors of the event include Capital Bank, SGL Capital, Alpha Investments, Clad Impressions and as media partners.


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