Many book lovers in Ghana have criticized local writers and publishers for their inability to produce reading materials of high standards comparable to those in the western world.

The increase distaste for local books has in effect, led to a significant decline in the sale of books by some local authors and publishing houses.

In spite of the unending calls for the patronage of made in Ghana products to boost the local economy, books from western countries continue to outsell those produced in the country on the Ghanaian market, however, the Executive Secretary of the Ghana Book Publishers Association (GBPA), Mr. Fauna Frimpong contends the claim.

In an interview with LeadersGh, Mr. Frimpong said Ghanaian publishers have made significant improvements with regards to the standard and quality of their writings.

According to him, the motive of Ghanaian publishers has impressively changed over time with focus on reaching the international audience.

“Our capacity has been improved and built over the years to improve on the number and quality of publications that are out there” – he said.

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