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Gamel Sankarl writes about “Choices”


Your life is influenced by choice
Your choice is same as your voice
Your choice determines your poise

Every choice typifies your eloquence
Every choice informs your life’s sequence
Every choice comes with a consequence

Your choices tell your level of sense
Your choices tell your level of nonsense
Your choices communicates your essence

Whether you will go through life as a booze
Whether you will go through life in a snooze
Will be determined by the choices you choose

What life choices have you been taking?
What life decisions have you been making?
Well:Are they keeping you stable or shaking?

Check your life: check your daily choices
Check your life: check what makes noise
Check your life: check what gives you poise


The author of this article, Gamel Sankarl is a conference speaker and author with 8 published books. He was a BEFFTA Best Author award nominee who used his life experience to write on personal development growth of young people.



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