Ghanaian writer and poet Gamel Sankarl has won the ‘Universal Inspiration Poet award at this year’s Pee ntasi B Poetry Festival held in Accra.

The five-day long event was crowned with a special dinner and awards ceremony that sought to honour individuals in the culture and creative arts industry for their impressive works.

Other winners on the night were famed Ghanaian poet, Prof. Lade Worsonu, Prof. Santosh Bakaya, Prof. George Onsy and Prof. Muhammad Shanazar.

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Oswald d’a Entertainer, Nii Oku, Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom and Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon also received various awards at the colourful event that saw renowned poets from over 15 countries across the world.

In a Facebook post on Monday, May 23, Mr. Sankarl expressed appreciation to all who have supported him in the pursuit of his dream.

“I dedicate this prestigious award to all those who have been very supportive in diverse ways to this cause. I love you all and we are all winners!”

Gamel Sankarl has inspired many individuals for through his books and speaking engagements. He was nominated for BEFFTA Global Awards in 2014 as Best Author, named as one of ten finalists in PAMCA student essay competition.


Previously held in Manila, Philippines, the next Pentasi B Poetry Festival will be held in Hollywood, USA.



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