There is always more room for improvement. Yeah. There always is! No matter how far you have gone in life, you still have more to cover. Wherever you have gotten to in life, there is the likelihood that someone has already passed that stage, and that should tell you there is always more distance to cover, more treasures to discover and a lot more uniqueness to uncover in the journey of life.

Let me attempt to share with you three inestimable virtues that I think are useful in the journey of life as far as forging forward, winning victories and conquering new territories is concerned:

Fervour: You need faith! You need to operate with some gumption and not mere assumption. You should be so sure of what you want to do and doggedly delve into it. Showing fervor is when you carefully put a plan in place and follow through because you believe you serve a God who can help you experience turnaround. Fervor is needed to forge forward. Build your faith!

Labour: You can only possess what you profess in faith if you are ready to work it out. Faith without works is dead, the bible says. Be ready to work it out! Let what boils you on the inside incite you to toil and till the soil where the treasure is hidden. You need to create a good mix of diligence and intelligence; only then will you see yourself moving forward in the direction you most desire. You can forge forward but that only comes with some hard work. That is labour.’

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Favour: You need God’s favour in order to forge forward. When God is not in it you can do all you can and still amount to nothing. But when God comes into the picture and extends His favour, your years of labour will not matter much. He can turn your little into much. You just need fervor/faith and that can change the game for you. Put God at the centre of your life’s race and see yourself forge forward by His grace!

You deserve the best. And God is willing to give you the very best. Purge yourself of anything untoward that may hold you back and surge forward. There is more in store for the taking. Just show some fervor, show some labour and seek for God’s favour and you are good to go.




The author of this article, Gamel Sankarl is a conference speaker and author with 8 published books. He was a BEFFTA Best Author award nominee who used his life experience to write on personal development growth of young people. 


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