Facebook seem to have opened up the its ‘live’ feature to most users on their personal profiles. Individuals can now go live via their personal profiles and share those priceless moments live with their friends online. The ‘Facebook live’ features has however been active for facebook pages for quite sometime now.

This is great news for users of the platform who have always wanted a way to keep their friends updated on happenings at places they find themselves but even greater news for employers and indeed businesses.

The live feature must be a great deal for business leaders for who wish to keep their lifelines (customers) constantly updated and get them involved in the business.

Facebook Live, or live streaming for Facebook is in many instances effective for sharing useful tips or news about your company‘s products or services.

I usually get notified of my Facebook friends who are CEOs and in other top business leadership positions being live and sharing relevant tips on their products or services they render. Its so refreshing and presents an interesting connection to the brand.

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As a CEO, you have a major responsibility to ensure your employers are not driving away customers away, and one way you can do that is by availing yourself to customers to interact with you.

What is interesting is the ability of customers to ask questions in real time and you get to see them and address them appropriately.

For your event or product launch, you can use the Facebook live feature to broadcast live to your customers and prospective customers so they get to watch it live and follow everything shared. There are occasions where pressmen misreport your events in their write ups after your events. Having a live video can help you customers and others learn and get the exact information you want to put out to them.

Here are a few ideas:

You can use Facebook live to give ‘outsiders’ a behind the scene view of how you create your product, how your employers team up to  get work done and the fun activities that go on in the company. [Personal experience, its such a delight to watch].


Host live interviews:

Facebook live presents you with a unique opportunity to get satisfied clients testify and share some positive vibes about your company. It helps your brand when more people know there are many others who enjoy your product or service.


Go live with your press launches and conferences:

I talked briefly about that early on. Go live with your press launches, conferences and other events your customers must know about. They will be excited to know all about their favorite company’s event when they are unable to be there physically.


Since the live feature is available to more people and all pages, you need to employ some means to make your distinct and deserving of all the attention. You can decide on a fixed schedule of specific days and times.


NB: Facebook live may present great benefits and could be a good alternative to traditional or third party media outlets but it does override the benefits other media provide.

In my next article on this subject, I will attempt to answer some key questions on ‘Facebook Live’ for businesses.


By: Jonas Nyabor


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