There are so many things that can easily kill the bliss of your day. Fortunately you have the power to make for yourself a great day. Successful meetings, fun times and very productive hours are but a few of the things you can find in a great day.

Be very particular about what you do and think about and you sure can stay positive for a great day.

Here are 10 things to do:

1. Be delighted about the day

Forget about the worries of yesterday and concentrate on the goodness the new day has presented. This will make you happy and thankful for the opportunity.


2. Decide to eschew negative

As it is said, you can decide to be happy, this you can do by doing away with negative thoughts.


3. Make a personal commitment to make you better 

Decide to make you a better person, keeping everything in balance, your health, emotional and physical state.


4. Treat people nicely, even strangers

Don’t be rude, be gentle and nice to people you meet and make them feel good. Most people appreciate it when they are treated specially by others.


5. Cancel gossip, jealousy and negative thoughts of others

Stay ‘pure’, away from unhealthy gossips and jealousy and other things that promote negativity in your thoughts.


6. Put down your priority or to do list

This is important to ensure you tackle the most important things to ensure you are not pressured when deadlines are close.


7. Stay humble, no matter who you find yourself before

More intelligent, older, more skilled than the next person? Stay humble and it will take you places. If you puff up yourself, you are most likely to get easily offended and hurt by people consider are not your co-equals.


8. Serve others better

Of course you deserve the best. Same as others close to you. Offer the the best as well and learn to give back. You build strong and positive associations with that.


9. Do not take things too personal


People are likely to get on your nerves and you may even be rejected or rebuked. Do not take them too personal and get extremely offended by them. You may take actions whose consequence cannot be reverse.


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