We live in a world where everybody seems to be busy from day to day. From dawn to dusk people are always working their hearts out to accomplish their set targets. They have so much on their hands that they hardly make time to share precious moments and memories with those they love.

People are very much consumed by their passion for what they do that they hardly consider showing some compassion to others. But that should be done in moderation. We should take some time off our busy schedules to share who we are and what we have with others.

A lot of people out there wants to be heard. Sometimes, people tell others their problems not because they necessarily want solutions. They do so because they simply want people with listening ears to talk to. Grant audience to people and share in their concerns.

That boy out there needs some love. That girl needs some shoulder to lean on. That young woman needs someone who will listen to her. That young man needs someone who will encourage him to endure. That old woman wants to know people still care. That old man wants to feel better and not bitter.

If I knew a word or deed of mine would make someone feel better I wouldn’t withhold saying it or doing that for them. Would you? Everyone silently craves to be cared for.

Care to share your time, your love, your money, your knowledge, your expertise, your food and whatever you have that could make someone else feel better. Life is not only about getting but also giving out what you have. You will be blessed more by giving than getting.

Let’s attempt to heal the world with our love. The world needs love. God demonstrated that by sharing his son with humanity. It is our turn to demonstrate our love too by giving all that we can to make it a better place.

Let’s show love to others. Let’s strive to make the world a better place. When all is said and done, it is not the duration of our lives that will count but the donation in our lives. Let’s make our lives count. We can heal the world. We can make the world better. We can cause change when we care to share. Let’s care to share!




The author of this article, Gamel Sankarl is a conference speaker and author with 8 published books. He was a BEFFTA Best Author award nominee who used his life experience to write on personal development growth of young people. 

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