Ghanaian Personal Branding Guru Bernard Kelvin Clive will this weekend host the 4th edition of Rebrand summit, an annual personal branding and value placement conference for young leaders and brand enthusiasts.


This year’s Rebrand Summit will be held under the theme “Brand Integrity” with carefully selected speakers to address the subject.

The speakers include:

Dr. Joyce Aryee, the keynote speaker, will address the theme: ‘Doing Business with Integrity’

Nana K. Duah, Branding and Creative Design Expert, will address the theme: ‘Brand Identity – purging mediocrity

Selorm Alfred Betepe, Branding expert, known as the SignMaker, will in an interview discussion share on the them ‘Brand Integrity – the making of the signmaker

Others who will feature on an interactive panel discussion are Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah (Transformational Coach), Emmanuel Woyome (Career Coach), Kwame Osei Kusi (Brand Expert).

The host Bernard Kelvin Clive will address the themes of ‘Personal Branding’ and ‘Reputation Management’.

Rebrand Summit

The host, having been in the digital publishing and branding field for over a decade now, has over 25 books to his credit as an amazon bestselling author; currently with 6 books on the subject of personal branding, rebranding, reputation management and social media.

He believes that through well-resourced events like rebrand summit and books, individuals and businesses can be better equip on branding to help positively position them and project Africa at large in building a global African brand.

Rebrand Summit is the flagship annual ‘brands’ summit by the brand consortium, BKC Consulting.

Rebrands are something nearly every company will encounter sooner or later in its history. For some, it’s a matter of survival. For others, it’s a matter of adapting to changes, shifts and cultural leanings.” ~ David Brier

This year’s topics include:

  • Branding with integrity: dos and don’ts
  • 7 Business Communication Strategies
  • Why some brands fade away.
  • Developing an authentic Brand Identity.
  • Building a remarkable global/local brand. Steps and strategies.
  • 7 Reasons to Rebrand
  • Managing Reputation and Repairing broken brands
  • The age of Personal Branding: Why brand?


The event will be held on Saturday 11th June, at 2pm at the The African Regent Hotel


Contact 0244961121 for enquiries or visit for details.

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