We are a results driven media company pioneering a vision to promote African human capital development initiatives through digital media.

Our contents are focused on Career development, life coaching, motivational speaking and entrepreneurship on the African continent. Our audience are reached mainly through their social media post feeds.

At LeadersGh, we strongly hold on to the believe that media and for that matter content, must not just get to people but it must influence them.

Our advertisement packages are categorized based on on-site and off-site activities to promote your product or brand.

1. On-site Advertisement

– Efficient Banner Widgets
– Wallpaper Ads
– Pop-up Ads
– Total website takeovers

2. Off-site Advertisement

– Facebook/Twitter Posts
– Bulk SMS Alerts
– Live Events Updates
– Instagram Posts

We have a very active audience base in Ghana, United States and the European Union with Ghanaian followers forming a majority.

Our global monthly reach is as follow:

– +60,000 site visits
– +90,000 page views
– +20,000 combined social media following
– +1,000 daily newsletter mailing
– +20,00 weekly post engagements

We offer customized advertising services to meet your needs. Reach us via the contacts below and we will be glad to serve you.





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