LeadersGH.com is Ghana’s leader in personal development news and information delivery. It offers its readers a full knowledge course and easy access to relevant information on capacity building topics including finance, business and entrepreneurship, coaching, mentoring, authoring and speaking.

LeadersGH.com is a subsidiary of the 233LiveNews Group; a company dedicated to providing cutting edge multimedia solution to businesses and individuals.

The website features all the latest news, ‘how-to’ and self-help articles about personalities, events and developments in the sphere of capacity building and personal development.

The website fuses modern technologies to offer effective advertising options, live event audio streaming and live event tweeting to its discerning audience.




LeadersGH.com is informing, Inspiring and promoting young leaders through relevant and quality online content.

We publish quality and relevant news and tips that equips you as an established or upcoming young leader to make greater impact.

Our key services include:
– Online news content creation and publication
– Social media publicity,
– Live tweeting,
– Bulk SMS,
– Photography
– Events/Product promotion

We are a dedicated events and social media services team with rich experience in technical
audiovisual productions for traditional social media platforms.

We deliver our core services to young entrepreneurs, social activists and change agents by through relevant social media campaigns and promotional strategies.

Our outlets include but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Website and a robust Bulk SMS platform that enables our clients to reach their target audience in the best and most convenient way.

Why We Do This:

We believe in the power of sustained and close engagement between you and your followers hence the need to foster that relationship in a way acceptable by your followers and most convenient to you.


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