One of the most controversial and difficult to exhaust topic for most young people is career.

Many millennials are left in a dilemma when it comes to considerations on which career path they should take and what preparations they need to make to get into it and excel.

Unfortunately, this is not a question that can be fully addressed in a single post just as taking a decision on what career to pursue cannot be made spontaneously but after meticulous consideration of many different factors.

One of the starter note for career choice is succinctly captured by a Ghanaian blogger, David Mawuli (Think Ghana Music) who shared via his Facebook wall.

“To new artistes and those who want to choose music as a profession, first be sure and certain that you are going to do this forever. Also, be sure of your talent.

One problem about career choice is ‘uncertainty’. It could lead to your downfall so think about it twice before you venture into music.

Don’t do music because your uncle or friend owns a recording studio — do it because you have chosen to do it and will forever do. There are ups and downs in music but vow to do this forever even in bad times.”

Although the post directly speaks to ‘new artistes’, millennials can generally pick some important points.

First, if you want to choose a particular career, be sure you are taking it up fully and want that to be what you really want to do and represent basically all through your life. This will be a proof your talents match with that career.

It is honestly difficult to be sure of what the future holds in that particular career choice, whether its about technology taking over your job, or a general decline in patronage, not everyone is sure and so its difficult to be convinced that is what they want to do all their lives.

Unfortunately, there is no compromise with this because if you set out fully and make so much investment into what do, it wouldn’t be worth it switching career and making new investments each time in different new careers. This will simply mean making no progress!

Be careful how to assess you readiness, don’t be persuaded by prestige or income associated with a particular career. And also, don’t be ‘forced’ into that career because you have easy access to the resources that will make you land a role quickly.


Remember, this should be a life-long journey or a least a journey of several decades and so the ups and downs are expected, you need to persevere.

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