Studying online and taking online degree programs has become the in-thing now all over the world with most people considering it a better option over the usual physical face-to-face programs.

This is interest has to a large extent changed the face of studying for a degree in recent times.

In spite of the advantages of pursuing online degree courses, it presents a number of challenges and puts one in a very difficult position sometimes especially when it comes to identifying which online degree program or course is genuine and the best for you. You can refer to our previous article on how to know if an institution is credible to offer an online degree program it is advertising.

As stated earlier, the number of people pursuing online degree programs keep increasing and so there are quite some good data to enable us to tell what most people looking for online degree programs go for.

It is interesting to note that in our previous article on identifying a genuine online college offering degree programs, the type or course being advertised is a key component; that is what course is the institution claiming to offer`?

While some online courses appear to be attracting a lot of prospective online students, others attract very few for reasons that include low value or demand, high cost, and high competition.

We have sampled some of the most common online degree programs being offered by various colleges. We have also attempted to give you a little insight as to which careers or areas prospective students in these courses can pursue after completing the program.

NB: This list is in no order of priority.

Most common online degree courses:


1. Accounting degree program:

This is probably the most sought after online degree program. Falling under the business category, it provides avenues for persons interested in serving in capacities including public accountancy, tax examination, and auditing. There is quite a high demand for persons with this qualification and their salaries are usually really good.

2. Business administration degree program:

Also in the area of business, Business administration has emerged as one of the most common online degree programs. As a matter of fact, it is also a very common course taught in many online colleges. The services of persons who obtain online degrees in business administration are much needed in organizations have finance, banking, HR, and business analysis departments. This makes the role of a business administration degree holder quite significant and important in any such department or organization.

4. Communication degree program:

It seems the expanding media frontier and the growing opportunity in the field is being taken advantage of by online education takers.

It seem the expanding media frontier and the growing opportunity in the field is being taken advantage of by online education takers.

Communication degrees are very much because communicators are almost always indispensable in their field of service.  In providing customer support, public relations, radio broadcasting, speech writing, social network platforms and more.

Both private and government organizations all needed services of professionally trained communicators.


5. Information technology degree program:

IT programs are among the common courses to pursue online. Technology is fast evolving and the opportunity that exists for IT skilled labour keeps expanding. This perhaps explains the popularity of an online degree program. For persons who take this online course, there are very job opportunities for you in web developing, software engineering, information systems manager, network infrastructure development and more.

6. Healthcare administration degree program:

For being an administrative staff in a health care establishment or heading departments or any other administrative role in the health sector, this online degree course is very critical.


7. Nursing degree program:

Nursing, nursing education, and related careers can be pursued with an online degree in nursing. There are a number of online colleges that offer nursing courses. And this course can be taken at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels.


8. Psychology degree program:

Also a very common course. The world is generally learning about the important roles of psychologists in various fields; sports, healthcare, business, education, religion etc. hence the demand for psychologists is quite high. Pursuing a degree program is psychology opens a big employment avenue for you. Salaries of psychologist are very impressive too.


This list is not conclusive. There are a lot more other very common degree programs online but we’ve limited this post to just 7 of them which also are very common.  It is worth noting some of these courses are also taken at post-graduate levels too.

Also note that indeed, all the online degree programs listed above are associated with very good salaries.   


By: LeadersGH

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