The rainy season is here and for countries like Ghana where it is evident the season will stay a little longer, it is expected that the day to day activities will be greatly affected.

For a smart entrepreneur, that is a problem that needs to be addressed so that people can live comfortably like they are not at all affected by the change in season.

What fast selling product or service can be rendered? What business opportunity does the season present?

Here are seven (7) smart business ideas for you this rainy season.


1. Sell umbrellas and raincoats. Almost everyone needs an umbrella or rain coats around this period when the rainfall is quite unpredictable. You are guaranteed of some good market staring this business.


2. Start a mobile food vending business. It is an open secret that during the rainy season some food vendors become inconsistent in showing up at work. In addition to that, movement of many people are restricted yet they need to eat. This is where you come in with your mobile food vending business, getting to their offices and shops wit ha car or truck to sell food.


3. Start a coffee or hot tea vending business. With a simple cart you can go around from office to office or find a strategic business location and pitch your cart where you sell hot coffee or tea to patrons. Many take these to keep warm during the season.



4. Start a private taxi service. As said early on, movements of many are restricted. What becomes of great importance for them is finding a convenient means of transport to help them move around easily without challenges. If you have a car, you are good to go. You can offer to pick up people at specific times from their offices or bus stops where they probably are stranded.


5. Start a roadside snack business. Snacks like meat pies, doughnuts, groundnuts and others are usually in high demand during the rainy season and this is particularly because most people may have delayed getting their usually meals or spent so much time in traffic and therefore want to purchase something quickly to buy them some ‘hunger time’. Targeting a densely populated area or a place close to a traffic-prone area will be a great strategy.


6. Sell Mosquito nets and other insect repellents. To deal with the many insects and mosquitoes that invade homes and offices, during the rainy season, repellents and mosquito nets come in handy. Insecticides and many products that can get rid of these flying or crawling insects receive good sales around this time.


7. Go into crop farming. Capitalize on the high demand for food such as maize to enter into its growing and processing. Starting a garden to plant vegetables can also make you some good money because the season is known for planting vegetables. Other local agro products like cocoa, chilip pepper, Okro and water melon sell well during this season.


8. Start a car wash business. Many drivers will like to get their cars washed quite often because the rainy season will make them get dirty often. Splash of mud and driving on untarred roads are all factors that promote frequent visits to washing bays.



The rainy season may not be that period we are so excited about but you can make some good use of it with a little smart business decisions. All the aforementioned business ideas require different capital inputs which depends on your capacity. Read through carefully and make a choice. If you have the needed capital, start now.



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