“7 Things Every Gentleman Must Carry Daily”

Very often we come across many people who seem to have everything they need or we may need on them at any point in time and we wonder why or how. This most people say is common with ladies because they will usually be seen with handbags with ‘everything’ in there. Guys will usually travel or move about light, maybe just a cell phone and wallet with money. Are these essentials for every gentleman?

According to conference speaker and personal branding coach, Bernard Kelvin Clive, the under-listed items are must-haves of every gentleman.


1. Handkerchief/ face towel
2. Pen/Note Pad/Dairy (if not a smart phone)
3. Wallet/ money
4. Smell good (no body odor)
5. Exudes confidence
6. Good haircut (well-trimmed)
7. Watch




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