It is quite clear text messages have now been replaced by WhatsApp chats and there isn’t much to be done to reverse this.

In spite of the many positives and how helpful WhatsApp has been to relationships and business, it has presented to us some of the worst happenings in human relations.

With WhatsApp groups which allow up to over 230 persons in a single group we see some of the best business ideas being discussed as well as some of the worse attitudes people put up in such a virtual gathering.

Here  are 5 of such negative practices that spoils the fun.


1. Chatting with one member in the group. 

Fortunately you can easily start a private chat with whoever you want to have a discussion with so why initiate a one-on-one chat within the group which is supposed to be for everyone. There’s nothing worse than watching two members of the group dissect an event they attended or  something related that you’re not involved in.


2. Talking about something completely irrelevant to the group

Group are usually for a sole purpose and so members agree to stay in the group because they expect that anything that will be discussed on the page directly or indirectly relates to why they are there. It becomes problematic if you start talking about something only you are interested in and is completely away from purpose of the group.


3. Giving straight forward and single worded responses

The essence of the group encourages conversations; contributions, criticisms and details. Giving a straight forward or single-worded responses like “OK”, “YES, “NO” does not help the group thrive. If its “YES” you probably want to tell why yes.


4. Maintaining total silence 

Its usually difficult to trust people to who keep mute during meetings and do have have anything to contribute or say but listen to the contribution of all others.


5. Leaving the group without uttering a word

This is very strange and creates a negative impression about your motives. Before leaving a group, inform members prior to your exiting and probably why you have to leave. The least you can do if you can’t get members informed publicly is to inform the administrator who can relay the message to group members. This is courteous. Leaving a group without uttering a word appears to be a betrayal and its definitely not courteous.


6. Posting ‘extreme’ photos

It is insensitive uploading photos that may be unpleasant to members. It can be offensive. You can politely issue a viewer discretion warning or ask members if they would like to see the photos or video, then you can post them if they really want to see it.



What other things do people do that bother you in your group chats? Leave them below

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