In my previous post I shared some benefits and effective use of the new ‘live’ feature introduced by Facebook to most of its users even beyond pages to personal profiles.

Today I am addressing some top 10 questions I sampled about ‘Facebook Live’ for businesses.

1. How do I go live?

There are two major means of going live: Via PC or your mobile device.

On your mobile device, simple scroll to your timeline and tap on ‘status’. One the pop up screen, tap on “Go Live”. It will take few seconds for your internet connectivity to be confirmed, while this is done, you are able to type a short description of the live footage. When this is done, a blue button “Go Live” will appear on the screen, tap it and go live.


2. How long does it take to stream live? 

It takes just about 2 minutes to set up and go live with a good and reliable internet service.


3. How do I notify my friends or fans that I am live? 

As part of this feature, Facebook automatically informs your friends or persons who have liked your page that you are live. This is not done all at once. It is gradual so this means, the longer you spend streaming the video the wider the news is spread to fans or friends you are live.

Your fans or friends will get a notification you are live and will be linked to your live video when they click on the notification.



4. How do I see the number of people watching?

While you are live, you will see a red-eye icon on top of the screen indicating the number of people watching. This represents the number of people watching your live video at the very moment.

You can only see the total number of people who watched the video after you end the live video. The number of made up of every single person that watched the video regardless of how long they did or at what point they did.


5. Can I receive feedback on my live video?

You are able to get live feedback on your video stream while at it. While streaming on your mobile device, your screen is divided into two parts, the lower part is dedicated to comments; here are you are able to see comments by fans or friends and even respond to them. You can also see what what time of the video stream they commented to help you make reference to exactly what they may be commenting on in the video.


6. How can I make my live video available to those who are unable to watch it live?

To end the video, tap on the “Finish” button on your screen during the streaming. This will stop the live streaming and direct you to a new page with a button “Done”. Tap on ” Done” and this will automatically upload your live video to Facebook.


You can also share the video from your timeline or page by using the share button or right-clicking the video thumbnail and selecting copy video URL.



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