I have been a student for many years in different environments, a teacher for an appreciable number of years, a mentor for sometime and a writer for quite a long while and am very convinced this article can help you and or your ward to do the right things that can make them a better student.

It is fine to postpone doing your assignment to the net 15 minutes as we go through this very important topic; becoming a better student.

Things to note:

Your teachers really appreciate your abilities.

They love to see you grow.

They really want to see you push forward and take bold steps.

Being a good students is more than having good grades in class assignments and examination results although they are still very relevant.


The emphasis of this article is on those little ‘great student habits’ that can mold you into a respectable professional in the near future.


Want to be a great student? Here is what to do;

  1. Be organized

This appears to be quite simple but interestingly is a major hindrance to most people being great students. Unfortunately there are over a thousands and one reasons why someone may be disorganized these days especially with the growing use of smart devices. This can however be advantageous because there are a lot of productive applications you can use to get things done in very little time and sometimes more efficiently.


     2. Set goals ahead of time

I know this point has been overemphasize but the reality is, most people still miss it. Goal for your academics and personal development while in school is very important and can really affect your  output in and out of the classroom. Know what you are interested; singing, writing, dancing and so on and make a specific decision to join a group that does that to help you improve your skill. You can set the end of the semester as your target to hit that goal.


  1. Finish up that work early

My experience has taught me one great and valuable lesson; to finish up assignments, homework and projects early. It can really get frustrating at the last-minute when you are try to meet the deadline for submitting an assignment that was given long ago. I found myself in situations where I give myself a hard knock on the head in disappointment why I chose to stay long at that birthday party when I could have taken off that time to complete that assignment. Being a student is often more about what happens outside the classroom than inside. Get some time, relax and finish it up before you are ‘forced to do it’.


  1. Take risks

It’s not about being freaky or doing all he bad boy/girl stuff without being caught. No. For someone who is dreaming of being that top professional or entrepreneur this is a great way to start. Challenge your self in productive things that will all-together build your human capacity. Want to try photography in addition to regular academic studies? Do it! Want to volunteer as a student journalist even with no experience? Do it! Be creative. Even with academics, you can put some more twists to it.


  1. Help your teachers.

Everyone knows teachers and students can be the worst enemies. Fortunately, they can be the best friends.. Oh yes. One of the best students I have had, was the one who volunteered to help me complete some exercises, availed himself to run some errands for me. Honestly, I was really impressed to show him more about life and expose him to some great opportunities and contacts I had. It is and will be a good opportunity for you to learn new things and get a mentor who can help you avoid some youthful mistakes than can cost you a lot.


You can be great! Challenge yourself and start any of these this week and tell us how it went.

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