You have successfully gone through primary, second and tertiary education and have heard a lot about being being independent after school.

You have thought of finding a permanent job, a good home and getting married and keeping the balance through retirement and that is it. Not bad.

Unfortunately the terrain has changed and if you are under age 30 with the desire to work in a corporate organization. After school, when you are seen as an ‘adult’ the value of having a job and the requisite skill becomes of extreme importance to you, especially if you want to succeed.

Few months into your first formal job, you will begin to feel the need to rise above average and be positioned for the next promotion that will put you on the path of a successful career.

Here are 5 traits you need to adopt and improve for career success


  1. Patience: Building a successful career does not happen in a day or months. In fact, rising in your first company may not be as easy as you see in movies. In the real life you are likely to face opposition and sternness from your  work colleagues even when you are doing best. Success comes with time and you need to have that. Don’t pressurize yourself with unrealistic targets and expectations. Work hard, work smart and don’t miss the little opportunities along the way, that’s how to walk the career journey.


  1. Determination:It may fail in so many things but that’s not fatal. For many others it is through these failures they finally succeeded. Your boss may reject your work, colleagues may not appreciate what you do but you must be able to put those behind you and forge forward.

Don’t let the bad reviews put you down. They should spur you onto doing better.


  1. Loyalty:It is becoming common to hear some employers accuse fresh graduates of being disloyal especially after they have been exposed to the ins and outs of the business and have began making some good money. The basis of this has been that many of them with different skills tend to see themselves are better assets to some other employment and so careless about their current employer.

This perception may not be true based on a recent survey by the US Census Bureau and The Washington Post which revealed millennials do not change jobs as often as their peers from a decade ago. The situation was attributed to the lack of better job opportunities which forces them to stay where they are and commit their all.

For most employers, loyalty is a big deal and that’s understandable, people are not hired only because of their skills but their commitment and passion to see the company grow.


  1. Versatility

It is certain that change is one thing every company is battling with. You either move with it or and thrown out of business. This sad truth is forcing companies to lay off some of their longest serving staff because they have virtually become ‘redundant’ in the company. A qualified typewriter in a 1970s company may not be useful to the company after it has evolved and has embraced using computers if he just don’t know how to use the device.

Today’s youth will need to be versatile; learn to study trends and development skills that will make them useful in the company.

NB: An employer is not looking at the relevance of your skill today, but in the next 5 years! 

Attend seminars, sign up for short courses and programs, join professional online groups and build your capacity.


  1. Persuasion

Millennials need to learn to how to influence. Often in modern day business, one must be persuaded or convinced to accept a product or join in a cause. This is essential for team building and leadership.


As a young person, you need to appreciate the important of leading and leading successfully. Being persuasive is also very useful in times where you are expected to justify actions or results, discuss pay increase and job promotion.


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