You office can be as small as a 1.5 metre square area or as huge as you can imagine or dream of, however whats more important is having the necessary tools, gadgets or equipment relevant to your job.

Having these things will actually make your sitting in the office and work generally fun, less stressful and enable you achieve your optimum as it is a known fact that most people spend a major part of their day in their offices.

Before we give you the list of things every office must have, you must note that there are two types of entrepreneurs in any startup or new enterprise; Those who prefer and always have a clumsy desk with so many things on the table and those who would rather have just a computer, notepad, pen and a documents holder.

What ever the type of entrepreneur you are, here are 6 things you must have in your office.


1. A working computer: Having a working computer in an office is not longer a privilege or an option, but a necessity. The importance of using computers for business cannot be over-emphasized. In fact, apart from facilitating work and increasing productivity, it also enhances communication with clients and partners. You may go for a desktop computer or laptop depending on the nature of your work. Additionally, ensure the basic and important softwares are installed on the computer to ensure you make maximum use of it.


2. A diary/Planner

In an increasingly competitive world, it is so easy to start chasing and doing almost everything yet achieving little.  This is even worse for young people venturing into business. They are often challenged to take upon themselves several tasks; planned and unplanned and in the end do not perfect the exact things they intended to do. This is the number one reason for low productivity and efficiency in many companies today. To encourage that discipline to plan one’s day and achieve the best, a diary or life planner must be in the office to enable you plan and follow that plan. Although there are electronic means of doing this, it is highly recommended you get a physical diary/life planner too.


3. De-stressors:

It is quite normal to get stressed or extremely worked-out in the office after several hours on a particular task or several different tasks. It is a sign you need a productive break and this means you need some de-stressors to help you. While there can be many of it outside the office, you can have some right in the office. It is important to have in your office things that help you relax. Yes. A photo of a loved one, an interesting puzzle, cold glass of water or juice or soothing music.


4. Phone charger/power bank:

The need to keep your cell phone, most likely a smart phone alive cannot be overemphasize. To keep communication flowing, access to the internet and work via your mobile handset you will need a phone charger or power bank should there be an unannounced power outage.


5. Office accessories


The common accessories that come to mind here are multipurpose printers, papers, coffee mugs and fax machines. You may want to get almost everything you need while in the office close to you but try to do that with just the few important ones. Based on your kind of job, you may need a recorder, digital camera or any other accessory relevant to your job.


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