You certainly may have found yourself in different situations where you thought you were smart or in fact smarter that whoever you were engaged with.

Interestingly, that may be arrogance or intentional attempts to deny the truth.

Relax, lets just say you may not be as smart as your thought, and these may be the signs:


1. You talk more than you listen 

You enjoy hearing yourself and not anyone else and will go on and on and on without realizing its turning everyone off! Check it, On very few occasions people tell you about their achievements or failures because anytime they start you end up talking about yours without end.

Its a conversation, her the other party out!


2. You are beautiful all the way

You are too perfect! You only talk about your ‘perfect’  side and cook up stories to make you a saint among men without weakness.

The true you is always hidden and you show and tell people only a glamorous side. Indeed it is good to capitalize and in fact make people know about your strengths but don’t do this out of proportion.

Truth is, smart people prefer the truth that hurts than the lie that satisfies.


3. You’re always controversial

You are always in trouble. Either you caused it or someone dragged you into it or you are a fueling agent. You have very little time on your own to consider a sober moment


4. You rarely encourage people

For some strange reasons you do not try to encourage people to do better or achieve anything. You are instead, your utterances and posture discourages people. Smart people deliberately inspire others to greatness. This can be found mostly in book authors and speakers who have taken it up upon themselves to reach out to people with their knowledge and skill to encourage them to do better.


5. You are a unproductively busy

There is not sin about being busy especially when its about doing something worthwhile at the right time. It becomes a problem when you are found doing everything, everywhere moving from one place to the other without a clear idea of what you want to achieve with whatever you are doing.


Try and delegate, free yourself, dedicate yourself to just a few things and doing them well. That’s being smart!



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