There are two realities most people are confronted with after completing their High School education. One is getting an excellent degree from University and then entering the corporate world of work while the other is getting a degree and working concurrently.

While the former isn’t a bad idea, it has for so long being the status quo and unfortunately being a bad option for most people especially due to global trends of high unemployment resulting from economic challenges.

The latter on the other hand is increasingly becoming very important for young people who need to breakthrough the solid walls of unemployment but take advantage of current trends and set up an employment space for themselves and probably some others.

Indeed, this does not come without sacrifices as one has to deal with the daunting task of managing a business and studies simultaneously.

Beyond the difficulty, many entrepreneurs in University say it actually was such a great decision they took as the school environment provided an atmosphere that helped the business to grow.

Here are details reasons why you should consider starting your business while in school.


1. Drive: Chances are that while you are in school, you have that great drive and zeal to ‘make things happen’. Considering that you are more active, energetic and have the privilege of constantly flowing fresh¬† ideas for business growth while you are young, its best you start now. Taking this decision while in school means you’ve decided to forgo some salaries somewhere and investing into yourself.


2. Flow of ideas and creativity: Universities as intellectual communities provide a great atmosphere for the flow of ideas and creativity. It is not uncommon to find fellow students discuss great ideas that can help boost your business. Even on your decision on which business to start, the ideas discussed all over campus by the many thousands of students can give you a fair idea about what is relevant to the community.


3. Opportunity to learn: While school it is quite easy to know and take some relevant courses to your new business and readily apply it to test its viability. Being in school, offers you the advantage of the learning environment, improve your business. After graduation, such relevant courses can be taken but it is quite difficult to juggle both studies and work.


4. Ready market: Being a students offers you the privilege of easy access to fellow students and teachers as existing market (customer base) for your new business. You are easily able to hand out surveys, follow-up on client feedback and test new innovations. You are more likely to have your first customer base, tell friends and family about your awesome product or service and that is helpful if you are expanding beyond your school’s campus.


5. Access to mentors: The University community has a great pool of experts and leading technical brains who can serve as great mentors for y our business. I have realized over time that most business mentors are more enthused and enjoy supporting young people especially those in school to build and effectively run their businesses. Many young business owners have had mentors whose influence span across various fields and have great deal of knowledge which they can offer your business for free whether through the classroom lectures or out of class advice.



Bonus point: University is a great place to find partners and build a great business team. From brand ambassadors, business shareholders and team members, the University campus provides them all. Whether you advertise them on notice boards or recruit from specific departments or class, you are sure of a certain quality for your business and are less likely to spend too much time assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a team member.

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