The Co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was recently named the youngest billionaire in the world. At the age of 31, he leads one of the world’s biggest social media platforms Facebook; which is connecting people all over the world.

Indeed, very little has been recorded of his formal or professional business background and training but his management and practical skill in leading Facebook through its different faces to the giant company many see it to be now is one that is appreciated and referenced to demonstrate his competence in developing and managing a top brand.

Surmounting numerous hurdles including the 2004 court suit of $65 million by Winklevoss brothers who claim Zuckerberg stole their ConnectU idea.

Facebook has come under many criticisms especially about its privacy policies and many others but it has grown very fast and keep growing at a phenomenal pace having its current active user-base at 1.59 billion.

Why this is so, is explored in below:

5 Lesson You Can Learn From Mark Zuckerberg

  1. Love What You Do

To know that Mark Zuckerberg refused to take an offer of over a billion dollars from then Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel to give up Facebook, one is certainly sure he loved what he was building. His friends say they often found him writing codes on weekends and holidays and sacrificing other opportunities to do that.

In the tech business, the really committed people will tell you, its hardwork that wins. It is quite normal sitting for hours and getting creative with codes. If you don’t like torturing yourself in that manner, then you are probably not up for it.


  1. Stay Focused

As mentioned earlier, the boss had endured the long periods of litigations and defended the company in several ways, justifying the reasons why it must exist. Angry users, stiff competition, slow growth for some time, Mark Zuckerberg really stayed focus and kept working at each stage to ensure his product became the best of itself. The goal was to keep updating Facebook to serve its community better and get users satisfied. That indeed has been one of the major challenge of some of Facebook’s competitors.


  1. Be Resist Change

Employers saw him as a weird boss because he didn’t care whether he said this was good yesterday and today he says it isn’t. It was almost as if he had a different pair of eyes each day.  He is very flexible and wouldn’t compare what other competing products were doing, instead, he would always want to have an improved version of what he has built.


  1. He will choose the simple one

Before Facebook there were a few social media platforms that tried to ‘impress’ users with to many things but eventually made them complex. Facebook became appealing because it was simple and not as complex. Technically, it makes the site load faster than some of its competitors.


  1. Be Media-savvy


Don’t be shy or scared of the media. Learn to be articulate in your public interactions. Mark Zuckerberg is recounted to have had a terrible moment when he failed miserably in an interview with journalists at the Wall Street Journal answering questions that involved issues of breach of privacy by the company. It is reported that he appears evasive, lost and was sweating profusely during the interview. The good news is, after that incident, the CEO seem to be more than appealing to his audience anytime he has a media engagement or makes a public presentation. It is crucial to have a good media communication skill to ensure clarity in communication to the public.


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