All over the world today, 29 year-old Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is being celebrated for his incredible achievement in three successive Olympics games, claiming 3 gold medals in each competition.

Following his last historic win in August 2016, he announced his retirement after over a decade of holding the tittle as the world’s fastest man.

Many people have tried to understand his ability to achieve this incredible feat particularly on the track during every single big run.

While the talks continue about how Bolt is able to do this, he re-echoes what many motivational speakers emphasize as his secret, “training” or what he calls dying.

In an interview with Goalcast he says the easy part of what he does is the competition itself.

The competition is the easy part, behind the scenes is where the work is done. Dying, I think a lot of people, they see me run and they say Ah! it looks so easy, it looks effortless but before it gets to that point its hard, its like hardwork. Its day in day out sacrifice, day in day out dying.

He recounts instances the pressures and difficulty of training makes him feel like stopping and giving up but he has to keep going.

Watch the video below and be inspired:



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