21 Billionaires Below Age 35 and The Businesses They Own

A new list of world billionaires under the age of 35 has been released. The list was prepared by Hurun Institute and was released on February 24, 2016.

It detailed changes in global wealth pattern and changes over the last 12 months.

The young billionaires who featured in the list include executives of Snapchat, Facebook and AirBnB.

Check it out below:

Age Name Wealth US$Bn Main Company Gender Country
of Residence
25 Evan Spiegel 1.8 Snapchat M USA
26 John Collison 1.0 Stripes M USA
26 Bobby Murphy 1.8 Snapchat M USA
27 Patrick Collison 1.0 Stripes M USA
31 Mark Zuckerberg 45 Facebook M USA
31 Elizabeth Holmes 4.3 Theranos F USA
31 Dustin Moskovitz 10 Facebook M USA
32 Wang Yue 1.0 Kingnet M China
32 Cheng Wei 1.0 Didi M China
32 Nathan Blecharczyk 3.6 AirBnb M USA
33 He Zhitao 1.2 Liaison Interactive M China
33 Eduardo Saverin 5.6 Facebook M Singapore
34 Sachin Bansal 1.4 Flipkart M India
34 Binny Bansaal 1.4 Flipkart M India
34 Lin Qi 1.5 Youzu M China
34 Joe Gebbia 3.6 AirBnb M USA
35, 34 Wang Qicheng & Wu Yan 2.1 Hakim M, F China
35 Zhang Bangxin 1.3 Tal Education M China
35 Scott Farquhar 1.9 Atlassian Corp M Australia
35 Mike Cannon-Brookes 1.9 Atlassian Corp M Australia
35 Wang Tao 3.4 DJI-Innovations M China



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