Working for home can be one of the most interesting and fun things to do. Aside getting the chance ‘be your own boss’, you are able to make extra income to add up to what you may be doing as your mainstream job.

Fortunately, when it comes to deciding on what home-based business to run, there are many options to consider but the best choice can be made after taking into consideration, the demands of your community or who you want to serve, your skills and resources available.

Fortunately, most of these business do not require so much investments and so can be started at any time.

Below is a list of some 20 home-based business you can consider running alongside your mainstream job.


1. Event planner

Although you may have to meet clients for discussions somethings, this job can be done from home by placing calls to the relevant people to ensure the event is held as expected. From confirming venue, decor, guests and more, this is such a great job to consider doing at home.


2. Blogger

Blogging is becoming more open and a full time career for most people event form home and it really pays if you commit to it. You can blog in specific niches like health, sports, music, education and business based on your interest and depth of knowledge on the field.


3. Website designer

As a web designer, you can from the comfort of your home receive orders and specifications from clients and set up their websites. All you require is a reliable internet connection at home and you are good to go.


4. Musician

With your prowess in music, you can create a little studio space at home and begin recording some of pieces and upload them online. It really pays if you get a good marketer or promoter.


5. Copywriter

One of my favourite home-based businesses is copywriting and it demands a lot of creativity. While relaxing at home, you can receive orders to write content for websites, come of with taglines, jingle lyrics and more to promote other businesses.


6. YouTube personality

YouTube has undoubtedly created many stars and you can be one of them, simply by doing what you love. Maybe running a website coding tutorial channel, or fitness channel.


7. Fashion designer

You designer prowess lies within and so from home you can put together the best and prefered fashion style by clients.


8. Ebook author

You can dedicate some time to writing of something you are knowledgeable about and find that it will be useful to others. You will consider authoring the book and uploading for free or sale on various online sale platforms.


9. Social media consultant

Social media is driving personalities and businesses and your understanding of the dynamics and trends put you in the position to sit in the comfort of your home and offer consulting services in that area to help individuals and organizations building influence and be relevant on the plaform.


10. Mobile app designer

Just like website designing, you need some creativity to design mobile apps and this does not necessarily require a busy office setting but can be done right from home.


11. Fundraiser

Right from your home, you can use your influence and credibility to raise funds from friends and using online crowdfunding platforms to support developmental projects or persons who really need it. You can consider this to be social working.


12. Life coach

Your role is mainly to provide guidance and coaching on the life’s purpose of individuals. This is something you can do from your home.


13. Publicist

By taking advantage of social media and other means available, you can offer to services to get an organization or individual that hype and buzz.


14. Travel planner

Take up the job to plan other people’s or a company staff’s travel and earn some extra cash.


15. Typist

With a working computer and an appreciable level of typing skill, you are good to go as a typist. Typing official documents for companies right from your home.


16. Translator

If you have the advantage of an additional language, you are easily be a translator, helping people communicate beyond their language borders.


17. Graphic designer

Get contracts to design flyers, posters and much more from your home. Your skill in graphic designing and a working computer is mainly what you need.


18. Fitness trainer

From your home you can run a fitness training centre or hold sessions that will require your neighbors or interested persons to join you at the required time to be trained. Its pretty cool especially if you are good at it.


19. Video editing

After a professional coverage has been done, editing is required and that is where you come it. From you home, you can edit to meet the client’s expectation and deliver it for your money.


20. Baking


Running a mini bakery at home isn’t a bad idea especially when neighbours may need doughnuts, bread, pies and more.

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