I think having a crush most accurately can be described as a uniquely painful form of joy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I WAS AN ENGLISH MAJOR. I know that “joy” isn’t typically “painful.” But hear me out.
Anyone who’s ever had a crush can attest to the fact that crushes are, more often than not, slight bouts of joy immediately followed by immensely awkward pain.
For example, you’re joyfully scrolling through your crush’s Instagram, until you accidentally like a picture of his ex-girlfriend from four years ago, and you suddenly want to delete your account and flee the country.

5 Stages Every Girl Goes Through When Stalking Her Ex On Social Media [5TAGES]

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Or you’re on cloud nine, smiling like an idiot at your phone, while you rapidly text back and forth with him… until he stops responding, and you suddenly want to burst into tears.
What about when you can literally feel your heart about to burst through your chest with joy as the two of you sit outside talking about life. That is, until he mentions his feelings for his ex-girlfriend, and your heart plummets down to the bottom of your gut.
You get the picture here. Having a crush can be a pretty freaking exhausting rollercoaster of emotions.
Why? Because you have found your kryptonite. You have found the one person who makes you totally go off your rocker.
Simply put, your thirsty.
Still not sure what I’m getting at here? Scroll through and let these tweets do the explaining for me.
When you accidentally think your crush feels the same way…

Crush: I’m texting my crush.Me: Really? I’ve felt the same way too!Crush: Uhmm, wasn’t talking bout u.Me: Ugh autocorrect…i mean who?
— jampol (@cannupener) June 8, 2017

When you guys finally meet in person…

When i meet my crush pic.twitter.com/6Ol19rfnKp
— Nyctophilia  (@AkuHaziqq) June 1, 2017

When you’re there for your crush in NO TIME…

my crush: ” I need a someone who’ll treat me how I deserve to be treated” Me: pic.twitter.com/9dVpYY7CEA
— Bitch Problems (@FemaleTexts) June 6, 2017

When he doesn’t respond to your text soon enough…

me when my crush doesn’t reply to my texts within .2 seconds pic.twitter.com/KUOq8gEhuS
— Lourdes (@gossipgriII) June 8, 2017

When you aim to please…

when ur crush says their favorite color is red. https://t.co/0PCVB468NM
— Bobby Mares (@MyGenuineFind) June 8, 2017

When your crush likes your Instagram pics…

When my crush likes more than 1 of my pix on InstagramMe: pic.twitter.com/XQubRWCrdW
— BILLION (@BillionTwiTs) June 6, 2017

When you see them typing…

When my crush is typing… : pic.twitter.com/zaJG2c6O7t
— ▽ (@Ruwayieh) May 31, 2017

When you realize what crushes do in the long run…

— When Boys (@CraveMyThoughts) June 7, 2017

When you see them with someone else…

Seeing your crush with someone else be like: #FightforMyWay pic.twitter.com/uby4nQ7u5s
— Fight My Way (@Vaguethoughts99) June 6, 2017

Me when I see someone talking to my crush pic.twitter.com/51gtsXOKtZ
— Cutest Animals Ever (@CUTEST_ANlMALS) May 31, 2017

When you (kind of) put yourself out there…

me to my crush pic.twitter.com/A9lUXYq1j3
— Aᶫᵒᶰᵉ (@juicexAntos) May 31, 2017

When you’re the first like…

me liking my crush’s pic: pic.twitter.com/PsJISSB5cy
— real doggone keeper (@AtomSiraullo) May 31, 2017

When your stalking abilities are a little too good…

Me: Hey dear how are you?
Crush: Where did u get my number from???
Me: pic.twitter.com/GToRFqR6Kr
— Patoranking (@pyepar) June 5, 2017

When they ruin your life without realizing it…

when my crush flirts with someone else pic.twitter.com/s8SxzmrU1e
— Female Struggles (@comedyandtruth) June 4, 2017

Too freaking real.

Meeting Your Childhood Celebrity Crush w/ Danny Tamberelli

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title: ‘Meeting Your Childhood Celebrity Crush w/ Danny Tamberelli’,

videoId: 1622642,

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