Many young professionals are taking the bold step of venturing into consulting businesses. Aside the fact that it is a great source of extra income, it gives you a great opportunity to relate directly with clients or prospective clients in your industry.

Interestingly it has become quite common to have consultants in almost every business or field you can think of, however there are a few of them that appear to have stood out and thriving all over the world.

Here are the top 20

1. Media and Public Relations: Every business, now than ever needs a media plan or campaign that can get them into the minds of the public and of course potential clients. Media or Public Relations consultants help these companies draw budgets, create innovative media content and properly execute it to get the needed traction. They also ensure the company has good press coverage. A good PR consultant is worth keeping for life!


2. Advertising: Similar to media, consultants in these area are specialized in strategic advertisements, either of new products or services.


3. Accounting: Large or small companies have dire needs of accountants to advise and or manage their finances. This has created a good market for consultants in this area.


4. Business: Everyone wants to get better in business and that is why business consultants are important. They are great people to help you make real profit from your business and turn this around fast. They can help you write business plans and other documents you need to run an effective business.


5. Career counseling: You can refer to them as career coaches as well. Individuals here ensure you do not fall victim to corporate downsizing. From them, you get a clear picture of which direction to take in terms of career options and choices. There is great demand for these people.


6. Communications: Key people in helping employees communicate better with their colleagues and bosses within the company. Their role is essentially to ensure the smooth running of the organization such that workers are happy.


7. Editorial services: This is one of the fast-growing among these listed consulting businesses. There has in recent times been a great need for persons with fine editorial skills to review communication materials; newsletters, reports for small and large companies. Consultants in this business can give you a flawless document that makes a good read.


8. IT Consulting: IT Consultants are the go to people when it comes to designing and implementing software or hardware solutions in your company or as part of your business services.  They follow global trends and are abreast with the technologies that work. Wondering why they are becoming top guys? IT is taking over almost everything now.


9. HR Consulting: These people have the ‘eye’s for talent and productive staff. As you expect, its not for everyone. The few who are able to do this, you can say are really go at it, hunting for talent and recruiting for firms.




10. Marketing: Products must be sold no matter how good they are and marketing consultants are needed make sales effective. Almost everyone is marketing their product but how unique is your’s going to be attract customers? Marketing consultants will help you.



11. Publishing: The publishing field is so vast, accommodating more authors than ever! Digital/online publishing has also created a wider market and this has created the need for experts/consultants in this business to advise authors on how to sell and make an impact with their materials. A publishing consultant can help you with your new magazine, newspaper, newsletter and website.


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