On leadership, there are a few questions that have risen and gained great prominence particularly on defining who a leader. Often times they are measure with specific characteristics such as looks, height, humility, Communication skills and much more.

David Mackenzie Ogilvy, an advertising executive who was widely hailed as “The Father of Advertising” puts together the following list of 10 things to look for in a leader.


According to him, a leader in any field he finds himself, whether in politics, business or religion manifests these qualities.


  1. He has High standards of personal ethics
  2. He is a big person without pettiness
  3. He Guts under pressure, resilience in defeat
  4. He has brilliant brains- not safe plodders
  5. He has the capacity for hard work and midnight oil
  6. He has charisma – charm and persuasiveness
  7. He has a streak of unorthodoxy – creative innovators
  8. He has the courage to make tough decisions
  9. He is an inspiring enthusiast with trust and gusto
  10. He has a sense of humour



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